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The Brachycephalic Dogs Open Group (BCDOG) was launched on Sunday 16th August 2009, to enable owners and breeders of dogs who have a Brachycephalic head to work together for the improved health and profile of their dogs

if you wish to contact the Group then please email us at nmwsmall@mac.com

BCDOG are pleased to announce that the testing kits for the Ostrander Laboratory's BAS Study are now available by contacting us.

Please note this is a research programme and will not diagnose a dog as suffering from BAS.The testing kits were initially launched for Pekingese Dogs but are now available to owners of Brachycephalic Dogs with severe breathing problems. To obtain a kit please e mail us at nmwsmall@mac.com

If you would like to join our group please e mail the group at nmwsmall@mac.com